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Ciara + Darius – Columbus Maternity Photography

Ciara + Darius – Columbus Ohio Maternity Photography

The anticipation of what is to come can be an amazing space to occupy. Whether It be a new job opportunity, embarking on an adventure, or even bringing new life into the world. These are all things running through my mind as we wait for our first client in our new studio… who is now more than 45 minutes late….. we anxiously wait, checking the door every time we here a sound ,waiting always seems like forever. Finally Ciara arrives late but flawless, I’ll take it, the sight of her radiant glow and full moon of a belly totally clouded my thought at the time. We engulfed ourselves in capturing the essence of the love between Ciara and Darius that created this new life growing in her womb, what better way to capture that than with a warm light shining in from a window, or an all white pallet to capture a pure moment. The natural chemistry between two people in love illuminates in front of a camera. We were almost out of time. Time…. it always comes to fast and leaves to soon. I thought about this as we were ending are session, Ciara and Darius are in a GREAT space of anticipation that will seem like forever but be gone in the blink of an eye, but the moments we captured will evoke the emotions of this moment for a lifetime. We can’t wait to welcome their handsome baby boy to the world and introduce him to you in his newborn shoot so stay tuned for his début. Thank you Ciara and Darius for letting us share this great moment of anticipation. This quote comes to mind by Anne Buchanan,

“to be pregnant is to be vitally alive, throughly woman, and undoubtedly inhabited”

Peace and blessings.

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