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Flora and Field Wedding: Keith & Andrea

What an AMAZING couple! Keith and Andrea’s big day at Flora and Field was nothing short of spectacular.  From Andrea joking with her girls in Flora And Fields beautiful bridal suite, to Keith whole heartedly singing Brian Mcknight songs to Andrea during their first dance, to the awesome sparkler exit….everything was perfect. We wish we could clone Keith and Andrea a million times and photograph their wedding over an over again

Their Love Story:

“It was March 2016. Keith had recently started a new job, and Andrea was amidst her final years of schooling
at The Ohio State University for her degree in Middle Childhood Education. Andrea & Keith met online
through mutual interests and soon learned of all that they had in common. Keith was tired of being
catfished and Andrea was in the market for a good man. Coincidentally, it just so happened that Keith was
in-fact a good man.
After several attempts by Keith, Andrea agreed to meet up (on her terms) at Shooter’s sports bar. Andrea
would spend the night besting Keith in several games of pool and Keith would go on to set the record on
the punching machine beating out all of the “muscle bro’s” in the room, including the one who paid for
Keith’s attempt.
After several, albeit sketchy dates involving: Piada, parks, and hobos, it would become clear that these two
were meant for one another and their passions for burritos were equally matched.”
Enjoy their images!

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