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How To Choose a Photographer Who is Great with Kids

How To Choose a Photographer Who is Great with Kids

Your family is picture perfect! And although the kids may behave perfectly and give you a beautiful smile for a 2 second selfie, that is probably not the case when they get in front of a camera, especially during sessions that can last up to an hour or longer. Picking the perfect photographer can make a HUGE difference in the results of your images. Here are a few quick tips in doing so:


1. Check Out Their Work

Seeing is believing! Go straight to the source. Does their family gallery have several images of kids living, laughing, and loving? If so, the odds are your in great hands. Ask the photographer to see an entire session, they should have several images that make your face light up when you see it. I would steer clear of photographers whom only have 1 or 2 great images. They may have either just started their career or they just may not be that great with kids. An experienced photographer will know what to do and say to bring the best out of each and every kid no matter the age (yes even the terrible two’s).

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2. Ask Questions

Every photographers is different. Each will have their own policies and procedures. Here are a few questions you should ask before you book:

  • How do you help children warm up?

You want someone who is a peoples person and can carry out a convo with kids 2 to 65. You want someone who doesn’t mind making a fool of themselves in order to make your kiddos feel right at home Having spent 7 years of my life working with kids with autism, I’m a super duper pro at playing, making weird noises and faces, and simply building a bond with any kid no matter the age. Thankfully this skill works perfectly for photography.

  • Do you have a time limit?

Sometimes, having a fit is inevitable. Your kid may just need some time to settle down. Ask the photographer if they have a time limit. Here at Vision & Style Photography, our sessions are  up to 90 minutes. So that gives the little ones plenty of time to get their frustrations out and snap back to their normal selves.

  • How often do you photograph children of this age?

Chances are if they are experienced, their answer is all the time or too many times to count haha


3. Communication is everything

Look for someone with great communication skills. Have they expressed clear ideas for planning the sessions? Are they willing to work around nap times? Do they seem genuinely excited to earn your business and capture your family portraits?


If you are in the Columbus Ohio area we would absolutely LOVE to chat with you about capturing your family portraits. Simply click the gold link below and we will be in touch!

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