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Most Important Vendors at Your Wedding

Why your Photographer is the Most Important Vendor at your Wedding



Getting married is a life changing event that carries with it so many memories. You will spend tons of money on clothing, flowers, food, and many other items that will only be used once. One of the most important vendors you will have at your wedding is the photographer. In addition to spending a great deal of time with you, they will be the ones to help secure the memories made that day. You want to make sure they are someone you can work with, as they will be spending hours photographing everything followed by many hours selecting and editing photographs for you to purchase. That is not to say other vendors don’t play a vital role in the day, but once the memories start fading there is only one thing that will refresh your memory. So here are a few other reasons why your Columbus wedding photographer will be the most important investment you make.


Capture Emotions


Emotions are expressed through tears, smiles, laughter, and body language. These emotions can be captured on film and remembered for generations and generations. Fathers with tears in their eyes will invoke emotions long after parents have passed on. You want a photographer who is experienced in photographing weddings so they know what to look for. You will want to remember the emotions you felt as your putting on your grandmothers necklace, as your father walks you down the aisle, and as you share your first dance with your new husband.


Lasting Memories


When you look at what you are spending your money on when planning your wedding, consider what memories will last. Your cake and food will be eaten, and….well….we all know what happens to that the next day. The wedding dress will more than likely never be worn again, that is unless you schedule a day after shoot with Vision and Style Photography ;).  The venue may or may not ever be visited again, and even if so it will never be decorated the same way it was on your wedding day. Last but not least the music that the DJ plays will eventually become a distant memory.  It is only through photographs and videos taken that those memories of music played, how things looked, and the emotions felt will be preserved.


Ability to Share


It is an unfortunate truth that not everyone can make the wedding, even if they really want to be there. Your children have not been born and will want to be told Mommy and Daddy’s love story when they grow up. Photographs give you the ability to print memories and share them with people who could not attend. Wedding Photographers will create a wedding album that displays the best photographs from the day and puts them in chronological order. You can customize your wedding album to match the theme of your wedding and bring it out when friends or family come over. Your children will be able to experience the amount of love you feel towards your spouse as they look at the pictures when you tell the story.


Recreate the Wedding


When you have a photographer at your wedding, you will be getting pictures of every aspect of your wedding. This will allow children to recreate your wedding for you when you are celebrating a big anniversary. Whether they decide to book the same location or not, they will be able to take detailed photographs to different vendors to allow you to remember everything that took place that day.


Help Fill in the Blanks


As you age, your mind will begin to falter. Your wedding photographer will give you the ability to fill in the blanks when you are not able to. This also helps when you lose the love of your life and want to help children and grandchildren remember who their relatives are.


All of these items mentioned are things that some no other vendor can offer. Other vendors are important to creating a great event, but the photographer is the one who will take that event and make the memories last forever. It is important that when you are considering your photographer, you reserve a person you love and do your research.


Moments come and go…..but we will capture them for you!

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