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The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist

A wedding day checklist is VERY important for your big day. In the perfect world your wedding will go by without a hitch or any complications, but that’s typically never the case! After photographing over 30 weddings a year for the past 9 years, it seems like there are always a few items the bride and groom wished they hadn’t forgotten.

Leading up to your big day there are a million things that will run through your mind and it is super easy to forget a few items. Make sure to put together a full list of everything you will need so nothing slips your mind on the wedding day. Below is a list of the items you will certainly need, and to make it easier on you we provided the direct links on Amazon.

The Ultimate Wedding Day Checklist:

1.Heel Stoppers – High heels and grass don’t mesh well unfortunately. But you want amazing images, which may require you to walk in grass. You’ll want a pair for the entire bridal party. This listing includes enough for all of your girls, click the link above and check it out.

2.Clear Umbrella – There is always a chance of rain. They also look great in pictures.

3. Blotting Papers – Because sweat and makeup are certainly not a match made in heaven.

4. Lingerie – Self explanatory 😉

5. Small Sewing Kit – There is a good chance you will need to sew a button back on the grooms jacket.

6. Tampons – Mother nature happens. Hopefully you wont need it

7. Phone Charger – #NoDeadPhones

8. Toothbrush

9. Hairbrush

10. Mini Speaker – Getting ready in a hotel room full of people with no music is just awkward

11. Painkillers & Medication

12. Shoes

13. Jewelry

14. Wedding Robes

15. Lint Roller –  Who wants whites dots on a black tux?

16. Bobby Pins – You can never have enough.

17. Nail Clippers – Hang nails are no fun

18. Mints – Make sure your first kiss is a good memory.

19. Lipstick

20. Wedding Party Sunglasses

21. Wedding Rings

22. Vendor Payments

23. Heavy Duty Make-Up Remover

24. Clear Nail Polish

25. Deodorant

26. Second Day Shoes, Outfits, & Underwear

27. Tissues – Its an emotional day…be prepared

28. A bottle of bubbly

29. Gifts for your spouse

30. Copy of vows

31. Fashion Tape

32. Shout wipe stain remover


Make sure you have everything ready about a week before your wedding

If you would like to save some time, simply order all of your items from amazon instead of having to shop at several different stores. Making an Amazon Wedding Registry is super easy and convenient. Make sure you are signed up for
Amazon Prime so you can get free one day shipping!

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